Double Side Tissue Tape

Double Side Tissue Tape

Alpine Tape Private Limited was a top-notch double side tissue tape manufacturer in Coimbatore. Double sided tape is a versatile adhesive solution with sticky coatings on both sides, designed for the seamless bonding of various materials. It is thin and flexible structure ensures a neat application, making it ideal for crafting, home projects, or any task that requires a reliable and inconspicuous bond. This tape is used in shoe and leather industry, foam industry, postal service, labels, and a lot of other uses.

We Manufacture premium grade solvent based double sided tissue tape. Demanded across the industry as the excellent quick stick tape the offered high-performing tape is developed with backing on tissue paper. These tapes are widely demanded for paper splicing, holding, and lamination in the shoe and leather industry, garment labels, embroidery industry, and electronic industry hence we are also providing a high-temperature range in these tapes which is resistant to 120 degrees temperature.

  • Superb track and adhesion
  • Good resistance to weather
  • Easy to release liner

Types of Double-Sided Tape:

  1. Paper-Based Tape: This type is commonly used for lightweight applications such as crafting, scrapbooking, and affixing paper to surfaces.
  2. Foam Tape: Known for its thickness and cushioning properties, foam tape is ideal for mounting objects on uneven surfaces and providing a gap-filling bond.
  3. Acrylic-Based Tape: Featuring exceptional durability and weather resistance, acrylic-based double-sided tape is suitable for outdoor use, bonding materials like metal, plastic, and glass.
  4. Removable Tape: Designed for temporary applications, removable double- sided tape allows for easy removal without leaving residue, making it perfect for decorating or mounting posters.